Some of the forms on this page can be filled out on-line.
All forms must still be printed and returned to the school office.

All forms, whether filled out on-line or with pen MUST have a valid signature!


This form is used when you are enrolling your child into the Wyandotte Public School District.
School Enrollment Form

This form is used to apply for the Free/Reduced lunch program.
Free/Reduced Lunch Application

This is a copy of the student handbook. Each student is expected to read it and understand the guidelines laid out inside it.
Student Handbook


This form is used to request access to our online Grade-Book application. This will allow you to access your student's grades anywhere you have a computer and internet access.
Grade-Book Access Request Form


This is a "blanket" permission slip for students to go on events such as field trips (Most field trips will also have a permission slip for that particular event).
"Blanket" Permission Slip

This form is to allow your child to access the internet and network resources while at school.
If your child does NOT have this form on file with us, we will not be allowed to let your child on the internet.
Internet Access and Conduct Form

This form gives Wyandotte Public Schools permission to use your child's likeness on the website and other media formats.
Digital Likeness Permission Form

This form allows or denies Wyandotte Public Schools permission to administer corporal punishment.
Corporal Punishment Permission Form

This form gives Wyandotte Public Schools permission to have your child treated in the event of an medical emergency.
Emergency Medical Treatment Form

This form denies Wyandotte Public Schools permission to release information about your student to the military and institutions of higher learning. This is in accordance to the "No Child Left Behind Act P.L. 107-110 (Title1x, Section 9528).
Student Information Release Form

This form allows Wyandotte Public Schools permission to administer, or allow a child to self-administer medication. Without this form, your child will not be allowed to take medication of any form while on school grounds. Wyandotte Public Schools does not and will not provide medications for students. All medications taken will be brought from home, and be listed on the provided form.
Permission to Medicate Form

This form is meant to inform students of the expectations Wyandotte Public Schools has of them while they are participating in extra-curricular activities provided to the student by the school.
Extra-curricular Activities Code of Conduct