Cafeteria Spotlight: Jakarta Bettes

Communication Class was asked to do a write-up on our cafeteria workers. From the moment we started asking around, we immediately heard about how amazing Jakarta Bettes is. We knew we had to find out more because it didn’t matter who we spoke to, they all had great things to say about her. 

We heard over and over, “Jakarta is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave”. She works really hard, always in a great mood, and treats the students as if they were her own. We asked two sources about Jakarta, they said, “she is a hard worker, very nice and friendly. She’s always in a good/positive mood.

Cafeteria work by its nature has a lot of invisible assets that make the whole process work.  There are a few cafeteria workers that are in a position to be visibly seen by students and staff and we can recognize the contributions they make because it is right in front of us.  There are others though that work behind the scenes and if you take a second to listen to our cafeteria staff, they’ll tell you how integral those people are to the whole process. When asking about those people, hers was the first name mentioned.  She is a very valued asset on the cafeteria staff and that fact is recognized quickly by the other staff members. 

A few things about Jakarta is, she grew up outside of Granby MO in Newtonia. She has been married to Jacob for 13 years. She has three children here at the school Lily in 4th grade, Liam in 6th and Lucas in 7th. One of her favorite things is to be at the creek in the summer.

Thank you for all that you do Jakarta!