Wyandotte Senior, Jaret Burney, is Promoted to PV2

Jaret Burney is a senior at Wyandotte High School, who enlisted in the Army National Guard in July of 2022. Jaret has spent his entire senior year working hard for the Army National Guard. He leaves this summer after graduation to go to basic training in Fort Benning, Georgia for 22 weeks, learning everything from ruck marching, rifle marksmanship training, patrolling, setting up a defensive position, setting up an ambush, and how to react to direct and indirect fire. His job is 11B Infantryman. He is joining as 11 bravo and is going to RSU, enlisting in the Oklahoma National Guard Gold Program. Gold stands for Guard, Officer, Leadership, Development Program. 

Jaret was recently promoted to E2, also known as PV2. He will begin college in the spring of 2024. Because he enlisted in the military, his tuition will be 100% paid for, as well as his fees. He will be considered non-deployable while in college. Jaret is also the senior class Valedictorian. Wyandotte Public Schools is so proud of Jaret and all of his accomplishments.