Cross Country Results

Cross County kicked off the year by attending the Claremore Sequoyah meet. The bears took 7 middle school students and 12 high school students to compete. In the middle school division they had two girls who placed. Karsyn Siegrist, who placed 37th with a time of 8:50 and Gracie Smith in 49th with a time of 9:02. There were a total of 126 middle school girls who competed. For the middle school boys, Nathan Rendel, placed 7th with a time of 7:49. In the high school division they had two girls who placed in the top 40 out of 116 girls. Addsison Campbell had a time of 8:38 and placed 25th. Mylie Hance with a time of 8:49 and placed 35th. For the Highschool boys they had 7 boys who placed out of 148. In 5th place Jaxson Billings had a time of 12:12. Cooper Fritchey placed 7th with a time of 12:18, Jesse Gaurdado placed 16th with a time of 12:54, Haven Johnson placed 26th with a time of 13:11, next we had Landon Posey who placed 33th with a time of 13:35, Bryson Bunch placed 58th at 14:50 and at last we have Dalyn Baker at 97th and a time of 22:52.

 That completes the Claremore Sequoyah meet.