Important Announcement

Wyandotte Parents and Guardians,

These unprecedented times have made us rethink how we go about educating our students.  Our goal is to get Wyandotte students back in school and back in activities in the safest way possible by adapting recommendations and guidelines from the CDC, the Oklahoma Health Department, the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association, and the Oklahoma State Department of Education. Listed below is how we plan to use those recommendations to provide learning for Wyandotte students that best fits our school community.

·         The type of learning Wyandotte students will receive will be based on Ottawa County’s risk level determined by The Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Oklahoma COVID-19 Alert System; a four-tiered risk measurement tool with corresponding color categories that identify the current county by county COVID-19 risk level. 

o   If Ottawa County's risk level is Green or Yellow Wyandotte students will receive Traditional Learning. Students will attend school five days per week with face-to-face instruction. 

o   If Ottawa County is risk level Orange Wyandotte students receive Hybrid Learning (A/B schedule).  Students will receive face-to-face instruction two days per week and through distance learning three days per week. “A” students will attend school Mondays and Wednesday.  “B” students will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday. This approach will accommodate half of the students on campus at a time to maximize social distancing.

o   Currently Ottawa County’s risk level is Orange.  We will start school with our Hybrid Learning (A/B schedule).  “A” students' first day is August 13 and “B” students' first day will be August 14.  We plan to continue our Hybrid Learning (A/B schedule) during the week of August 17 through August 21 so we can practice this schedule and correct any unanticipated problems.

o   Starting the week of August 24, Traditional Learning or a Hybrid Learning schedule for Wyandotte students will be determined by The Oklahoma State Department of Health’s Oklahoma COVID-19 Alert System. Green or Yellow – Traditional Learning, Orange – Hybrid Learning.

o   An announcement will be made each Friday afternoon regarding Ottawa County’s risk level and the type of instruction Wyandotte schools will provide for the following week via our website, social media, and text message.

·         Students and staff will have temperatures taken before entering the building each day. Students or staff with a temperature of 100.4 or higher will be sent home. 

·         Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings while on the bus and while passing in the hallways.  When students are in the classroom where socially distancing is possible, masks will be optional.  

·         The ways we drop off and pick up students has changed.  You can find that information on our Website.

These precautions will help ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Please check out all the Reopening information on our website.  Thank you for your understanding, patience and support as we try to provide the best education possible for your children while maintaining a healthy and safe learning environment for everyone.