Important Announcement

Good afternoon, 

This message is from Wyandotte Public Schools.  We wanted to let you know that we have had one of our football coaches test positive for COVID-19.  We have been diligently working on contact tracing and have sent home the football players that were on campus today.  There are a few more students beyond the football team that we are individually quarantining due to exposure.  Those that are being placed in quarantine will remain so until Monday, October 19.   If you have not been specifically told that your child is quarantined, they are not in quarantine.  

This also means that tonight’s middle school football games have been cancelled as well.  We will release more information about cancelled events, re-scheduled activities, and other items that may be related as soon as possible.  We are positive that there are a ton of questions that many of you will have, but please be assured that we are taking this as serious as possible and if we felt that your child had any reason to take precautions, we will have told you as much.  

Thank you and have a great day.