All-District Choir

Congratulations to the following students for being accepted into the 2020 virtual Northeastern Choral Directors Association District Choir.  They are Zane Bilinski, Gavriel Epperson, Hannah Gragg (not pictured), Natalie Noel, Colton Short and Catherine Williams in the high school choir.  Jacey Holcomb is representing Wyandotte in the junior high choir.  These students recorded their audition entry last week.  The virtual concert will take place later in November.

The choirs consist of students from Miami, Jay, Grove, Bartlesville, Collinsville, Bixby, Claremore, Owasso, Vinita, Adair, Pryor and other districts in the northeast region.  Although Wyandotte has had students chosen every year, this is the largest number of participants.

These students will also be auditioning for all-state choir in the beginning of November.  The audition process is the same as the district process.  If a student passes through the first round of auditions, there will be a second audition.  Each student learns 3 or 4 songs and will not know which ones to sing until the day of auditions.  The first round of auditions is broken down into quadrants with the top scores qualifying for the second audition.  After the second audition, the results will be released.

There are 3 students auditioning for jazz choir this year.  This is the first year Wyandotte will be participating in the audition process.

The all-state organizations will be utilizing a virtual experience this year instead of in-person performances.

Great job ladies and gentlemen!