Virtual School

Students who are wanting to apply to the Wyandotte Virtual School for the 2021/2022 school year need to use this application HERE to start the process.  This form only means that we are going to put you on a list to be interviewed for the Wyandotte Virtual School.  If a student was in the virtual school last year and failed to complete part of any course, they are unlikely to clear the interview process.  The virtual school is really only designed for students who are highly motivated self-starters that have a need in their life that would take up more time than what a public school setting would allow.  

The  virtual school policies can be found HERE.  Please note that there have been some changes to last year's policies.  Starting the 21/22 school year, the moment a virtual student falls behind in pace or below 70% in grade, that student is required to come on campus and go to the virtual school department and work on site.  Failure to attend those days on site will be counted as unexcused absences and as truancy after 4 unexcused absences.  It is extremely important that to be a virtual student, you stay on top of the process so that you do not fall behind.  

If that describes you as a student, feel free to fill out the form above to apply.