21/22 MS Teacher of the Year

We are excited to announce that the 2021/2022 Wyandotte Middle School Teacher of the Year is Ms. Kayla Jarrett.  While this is only Ms. Jarrett’s second year in the classroom, she has spent both of those years with Wyandotte Public Schools.  Ms. Jarrett is excited and enthusiastic in the classroom.  Students want to be in her class.  Students ask to be in her class.  Ms. Jarrett’s approach to teaching and learning is active and hands on.  Her students experience learning in a variety of different way with the use of technology at the front of the line.  

Ms. Jarrett teaches sixth grade Geography, native cultures, sixth grade computers, and is the coach of the 2021/2022 state qualifying Lady Bears cheer team. 

Ms. Jarrett’s building principal, Ms. Jennie Butterfield says, “Ms. Jarrett is exciting!  She is eager to learn and excited to share her ideas.  She’s not afraid to ask for help and guidance as needed and she expects the same out of her students.  Her classroom management is solid.  Her students know that she has high expectations for them and she expects them to have high expectations for her. Ms. Jarrett is an asset to our Wyandotte Middle School staff and I look forward to seeing her excel in the education field.

Ms. Jarrett was nominated by multiple peers for this recognition. When asked why she was being nominated, they said, “She is very informative, and keeps all students attention, with hands on learning and interaction in class, with many fun projects. All the students love and respect Miss Jarrett, and want to be in all her classes.” This person also observed her class for a little bit and noticed that they “ relearned so much, and it is much more fun than it was in the 70's and 80's.” Another simply said, “As a new teacher, Kayla has stepped up and gone above and beyond. She is dedicated and willing to put her students and cheer girls first.”

According to those who nominated, Ms. Jarrett’s greatest contributions are that she teaches so many subjects when needed . . . does what it take to ensure the success of our middle school students . . . makes learning fun . . . and took our cheer girls to state!

These who nominated also had personal feelings about Kayla’s teaching like:

“She cares, a lot. Her students know that she cares and they feel the love. She is great at building relationships and she will go above and beyond to help any of her students.”  They also observed “Miss Jarrett loves what she teaches, and the kids see her passion, and this makes them want to learn more.”

As a district, as a middle school site, and as co-workers we are honored to have Ms. Jarrett as a teacher and cheer coach and look forward to many more years of her influence among our students.  Congratulations Ms. Kayla Jarrett.