21/22 Support Staff of the Year

At Wyandotte Public Schools, we are blessed to have an abundance of top notch support staff that work tirelessly to run the day-to-day difficult operations of the school.  These are the true unsung heroes of every public school.  They do clerical work, maintenance work, payroll support, accounts payable, janitorial services, and a number of other functions that this place cannot do without.  Last year those voted in to receive the award were our two secretaries at the elementary and the middle/high school.  Wyandotte Public Schools relies in ways the public could never understand on the labors of Lisa Garrett and Heather Brown.  This year, we get to recognize another individual that has brought fresh life, organization, and hard work over a lot of hours to her position as encumbrance clerk in the superintendent’s office. 

 She was nominated a number of times by many of us who know enough to appreciate the job she does. One person said, “Tish is very knowledgeable about the job she does.  She never misses a training that will keep her and our district in the know of all things new.  She doesn't complain about anything, she just shows up every day and does her job well. I believe our school district would be in a world of hurt without her.” Another said, “I am so glad to have Tish Freeman back at WPS.  She is definitely an unsung hero.  Tish is conscientious in all that she does.  I feel so at ease that what she does is done correctly with the utmost attention to detail and done in a manner that meets requirements of regulations.  Tish brings professionalism to her job that is admirable.  Tish is ethical in everything that she does and I appreciate the integrity with which she does her job . . . I aspire to be more like Tish when I grow up!! I would like to nominate the whole central office staff because they are the best I have had the privilege of working with.”  Still another said, “her knowledge of rules, regulations, and general know-how in her job make her the ultimate behind-the-scenes genius that makes this place run.   She is that rare type of person that no matter how much you pay her, it would be difficult to overpay.”  Another said, “ It would be impossible to actually make our staff or community  begin to grasp how important she is to this district because she is the kind of person that has specialized knowledge and the irreplaceable resourcefulness that figures out how to correctly do things that no one else on campus knows how to do.” And finally one more said, “It is impossible to actually state her importance to this school, but I would love to honor her in such a way that allows people to see a little bit of her value.” 

Congratulations to the 2021/2022 Wyandotte Public Schools  Support Staff Member of the Year, Ms. Tish Freeman.