Wyandotte Virtual School Application

For any students who are wanting to pursue the virtual option for their educational experience, you can access the application form HERE.  We strongly recommend you consider attending on campus rather than pursuing the virtual school route.  While we understand that there are some situations that this may be or at least seem like the only option, we are adamant that this is a significantly less quality educational tool than what we offer on campus with our fantastic staff members and educators.  The virtual school policy has also been amended to restrict transfer students from being enrolled.  If you are a transfer student (not living in our district), you are NOT ELIGIBLE to be a virtual student.  Transfer students will need to enroll in a virtual program in their home district.  This is also not an option for elementary students and most middle school students.  

Not all students who apply will be admitted into the virtual program.  There is a committee that will review the situation and the records to make that determination.