IT Appreciation Day

Today is IT (information technologies) appreciation day.  We are blessed to have the absolute best IT professionals at Wyandotte Public Schools.  Cameron Royster and Samantha Young do so much that impacts every part of our district.  Imagine going through the difficulties of COVID, Distance Learning, and the like without the contributions that those two have made.  

Our staff members know that those two do so much to train our staff, troubleshoot technology issues, and tackle big vision items and we would be so much the worse if we didn’t have them.  

Our administration leans on both of them for more than you could possibly imagine.  We ask them to budget, plan, cast a vision for, and implement massive technology changes on a regular basis.  Our school has pioneered in the area of educational technology in this area for a long time and we primarily have these two to thank.  If you happen to see, or can reach out to thank Cameron Royster and Samantha Young, please do. These are two people that need to be shown appreciation!

Graphic Created by  Communication Specialist Jasmin Bravo