P/T Conference Information

Parent-Teacher Conferences are being held on Monday, September 26th, and Thursday, September 29th. 

On Monday, September 26th conferences will be like normal, come in and visit with your child(s) teacher. On Thursday, September 29th we will be offering conferences by email, phone, and in-person (by appointment only). 

This link will allow you to schedule a conference with your student's teachers for Thursday, September 29th. Each teacher has time slots that you can choose from to get a call from them or meet in-person at a specified time.  They also each have an option for email correspondence.

Please use the following links to setup conferences with your student's teachers on Thursday, September 29th:

Parent-Teacher Conference Page

(Teachers will be adding their links up until Monday, so if you don't see one for your child(s) teacher, just bear with us)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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