Native American Heritage Month

Wyandotte Public Schools would like to offer a word of grateful appreciation as we celebrate Native American Heritage Month.  It just so happens that this year’s senior class will be the 100th class to graduate from Wyandotte High School.  There have been a lot of us doing research on everything from records to school colors, old uniforms, and the school song.  We have learned a ton, but underneath all of this research one of the most important things we can see is that our rich Native American Heritage shines through in every generation.  We can see times when our young men went straight out of high school into war.  We can see athletic success, musical success, and a strong small town environment that is blessed by the tribe whose name we bear.  

Every student here knows that it is a strong part of our identity that the Wyandotte Nation, Wyandotte Schools, and the town of Wyandotte are very much one thing in every way that we can be.  The Wyandotte Nation invests in us at every opportunity and that never goes unnoticed.  They provide resources, speakers, and any time there is an opportunity that arises, they keep us in mind.  

We also happen to live in a corner of the state that has 9 tribes in our county.  We have students that are from each of those tribes and a dozen others.  We take pride in the fact that they take pride in the tribes they descend from and make every effort to educate our students on what that has looked like in American History and how we can always strive to do right by every race and celebrate the cultures that surround us.  Our Native American Heritage, our very united small town, and the leaders that surround us mean everything to us and we celebrate this month, especially as we look back into the past and see their contributions from the start.