Policy Reminder

Parents, we would like to address a growing concern that we have for our middle and high school students.  Showing up to school on time seems to be becoming less of a priority for some of our students.  Our attendance policy, as found in our handbook is as follows:


Step 0– 1st and 2nd unexcused tardy handled by teacher. 

Step 1– 3rd unexcused tardy - 1 school detention. Parent will be notified. 

Step 2– 4th unexcused tardy - 2 school detentions Parent will be notified. 

Step 3– 5th unexcused tardy - 3 school detentions Parents will be notified. 

Step 4– 6th unexcused tardy - 1 day of ISS. Parent will  be notified. 

Step 5 –7th unexcused tardy  

Parent will be brought in for conference.  

Student will be suspended for 1 day. 

Step 6– 8th unexcused tardy  

Student will be suspended for 3 days. 

Students and parents should be aware that any students  with more than 4 (four) tardies first period will be  reported to the district attorney. 

If we were to strictly enforce this policy this semester, there are 18 families who would have been referred to the district attorney in the high school alone. If we were to add in the students who are Absent Unexcused for first hour, we’re talking about an additional 12 families referred to the district attorney.  Some of these have already been referred.  

This coming semester, we WILL be much more strictly enforcing this policy.  Referral to the District Attorney’s office requires court appearance, fines, and court costs that will be incurred by your family.  This is NOT something that we want to see happen.  We are very easy to work with and as understanding as possible, but these attendance issues first hour are way out of hand and this issue will not be tolerated from this point moving forward.